Back to my roots - by Guilherme Domingues Kolinger

30. Sep 2020 / by Annemarie Post

This week I had the opportunity to give two lectures at the IFAMP Image-Guided Radio-/Nuclide Therapy online course. As someone who started studying physics with the intent of becoming a high-school teacher, teaching is something that was always within me.



HYBRID publications (4): Computers draw a liver

25. Aug 2020 / by Annemarie Post

In April this year, Xikai Tang, one of our fellows, published a paper on deep learning in liver segmentation. The algorithm that he developed is a big step towards clinical implementation of deep learning methods in patients with liver tumours.



HYBRID publications (3): Evaluating cancer severity with the help of artificial intelligence - by Nicolò Capobianco

10. Aug 2020 / by Annemarie Post

In June 2020, Nicolò Capobianco published the results of his collaboration with the HYBRID team in Orsay, France in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. In the article he describes how artificial intelligence can be used to help doctors evaluate the severity of lymphoma in PET/CT images.


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