Experiences at EANM'20 - by 3 ESRs

20. Nov 2020 / by Annemarie Post

In October, nine of our fellows presented their work at the annual congress of the European Association for Nuclear Medicine. Laura dal Toso, Mahmood Nazari and Alberto Villagran Asiares share their experiences.


One week in the clinic - by Masoomeh Rahimpour

18. Nov 2020 / by Annemarie Post

Within HYBRID, the fellows spend time in the medical imaging departments of a hospital, to familiarize themselves with clinical workflows. Masoomeh Rahimpour learned about the imaging techniques that are used in the diagnosis and treatment planning of patients with brain tumours.




13. Oct 2020 / by Annemarie Post

Next week, the virtual congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine will start. 9 of our fellows will contribute with a presentation or poster.


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