NEWS: Zacharias Chalampalakis at the "Le sas" art-science-event

16. Jan 2019 / by Christina Bürger

Le sas is a science-art-society group ready for research, design, making and diffusion of artistic and scientific artworks. It's a connecting zone (a 'sas', in french) between science and art, between research and society, between imagination and its realization.

"Primary Intimacy of being" a scientific artwork: Mirrors augmented with X rays, nuclear imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging with sensors, gender recognition, computers and 75" screens

On the 20th Zacharias participated in one event of the "Le Sas" group and presented a mirror within the scientific artwork. "Primary Intimacy of being" to high-school students and talked about the different imaging modalities, about their impressions of the mirror and discussed their questions with them.


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