NEWS: The students become the masters - by Zacharias Chalampalakis and Alejandra Valladares

02. Dec 2019 / by Annemarie Post

At the seventh IFMP workshop in Plovdic, Bulgaria, Zacharias and Alejandra participated as lecturers. They taught students from Eastern European countries and the South coast of the Mediterranean Sea about Multimodality Imaging.


NEWS: The elevator pitch - by Sahar Ahangari

28. Nov 2019 / by Annemarie Post

Have you ever dreamt about getting in front of an influential manager or investor? Imagine that suddenly this dream comes and they are in front of you, waiting for you to speak up about yourself.

Sahar Ahangari experienced this at the EANM'19 conference.


NEWS: HYBRID annual meeting #3 - by David Iommi

27. Nov 2019 / by Annemarie Post

Each year, all members of the HYBRID consortium come together to learn about the progress of each other's work. The fellows also receive training in various subjects.

David Iommi tells about his (and other fellows') experiences at annual meeting #3

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