30.09.2020 11:58
by Annemarie Post

Back to my roots - by Guilherme Domingues Kolinger

This week I had the opportunity to give two lectures at the IFAMP Image-Guided Radio-/Nuclide Therapy online course. As someone who started studying physics with the intent of becoming a high-school teacher, teaching is something that was always within me. It is something I knew I was always going to do, even after I changed my focus to doing research instead of becoming a full-time teacher. Unfortunately, my return to the classroom had to be online, so I am still eager to see everyone else's faces and feedback while teaching... but that didn't take away from the experience of preparing lectures and those butterflies in my stomach before entering the classroom: a mixture of anxiety, nervousness, and - of course - excitement.


To think that I only started studying medical physics and image analysis a few years ago, it was hard to believe that I would be able to already start teaching it! But with the help and support of my supervisors, colleagues, and the IFAMP committee (especially Thomas Beyer and Ivo Rausch), it happened. And I am so glad to have accepted this task.


I am definitely looking forward for more teaching challenges. I know I will be nervous to go through with it, but few things are as rewarding as teaching. I know it will be terrifying, but at the same time terrific and gratifying at the end of it all.


IFAMP, Thomas, Ivo, and all attendees, thanks again. Hopefully, I fulfilled all your expectations. I am glad to have participated!

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