NEWS: Science in a pub - by Laura Dal Toso

12. Nov 2019 / by Annemarie Post

A visit to a pub is a good way to ensure a healthy work-life balance. But HYBRID ESR Laura Dal Toso decided to take her work with her to the pub.

Read here why she did that.


NEWS: Imaging as an Olympic discipline

06. Nov 2019 / by Annemarie Post

At the EANM meeting, the abstract of HYBRID ESR Alejandra Valladares was ranked within the best communications. Her work was included in the highlights lecture at the closing ceremony, where she also compared her research to the athletic combined discipline Decathlon.


NEWS: "Slicing up" children at school: A Science-Art-Society installation

14. May 2019 / by Christina Bürger

HYBRID ESR David Wallis had the chance to work and participate in a science-art-installation for high school students created and designed by le sas.

Find out how this had something to do with "slicing up" children at school here.

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