13.10.2020 10:43
by Annemarie Post


The EANM'20 congress will take place virtually this year. Our fellows will present the results of their work in either a presentation, or a poster. We hope many of you will take the time to join their presentations, and to discover what it is that HYBRID is doing!


Friday, October 23: 13.50 – 15.20 

Channel 6 - Session 606 – Cutting Edge Science Track TROP Session: Image Processing – Neurology 

Guilherme Domingues Kolinger: “Dual-time-window dynamic [18F]MK-6240 PET protocols for improved quantification in longitudinal studies and stroke patients” (OP-324) 


Saturday, October 24: 10.40 – 12.10 

Channel 6 - Session 1006 - Cutting Edge Science Track TROP Session: AI – Radiomics and Modelling 

Laura Dal Toso: “Improved 3D Tumour Definition and Quantification of Radiotracer Uptake Using Deep Learning” (OP-550) 

Nicolò Capobianco: “Whole-body lesion detection and prostate cancer staging in 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET/CT using deep learning” (OP-549) 

Mahmood Nazari: “Data-driven identification of diagnostically useful extrastriatal signal in dopamine transporter SPECT using explainable AI” (OP-554) 


Thursday, October 29: 13.30 – 15.00 

Channel 10 - Session 1110 – Cutting Edge Science Track Featured Session: Radiomics 

Esteban Lucas Solari: “Complementary diagnostic value of PSMA PET and MR radiomics for prostate cancer staging” (OP-659) 


Friday, October 30: 9.00 – 10.30 

Channel 11 - Session 1411 – e-Poster Presentation Session 9: Physics – Software and Image Processing 

Guilherme Domingues Kolinger: “Impact of [18F]FDG uptake time on non-small cell lung cancer PET radiomics and their repeatability” (EPS-146) 


Friday, October 30: 10.40 – 12.10 

Channel 6 - Session 1506 – Cutting Edge Science Track TROP Session: Image Reconstruction and Corrections 

Zacharias Chalampalakis: “Application of a generic dynamic reconstruction algorithm on PET whole-body pharmacokinetic studies” (OP-839) 

Alberto Villagran: “Comparison of respiratory motion estimation methods in cardiac PET/MR” (OP-835) 


Friday, October 30: 15.30 – 17.00 

Channel 12 - Session 1711 – e-Poster Presentation Session 12: Onco Diagnostics 

Sahar Ahangari: “Integration of PET/MRI Hybrid Imaging into Radiotherapy Planning of Cervical Cancer Patients: First Results” (EPS-194) 


Friday, October 30: 15.30 – 17.00 

Channel 6 - Session 1706 – Cutting Edge Science Track TROP Session: AI – Image Processing and Data Corrections 

David Iommi: “Data-driven motion compensation of [18F]FDG-PET brain imaging using conditional generative adversial networks (CGANs)” (OP-972) 


Details on registration etc. can be found at: https://eanm20.eanm.org/


2 years ago, a number of HYBRID ESRs and PIs met in person at the EANM'18.

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