NEWS: Pétanque and PET Scans: A PhD Student in Paris written by David Wallis

14. Mar 2019 / by Christina Bürger

Experiences of a ESR students: "I arrived in Paris on Sunday, March 26th, 2018.  The sky was grey, the train was late, and the platform smelt of bodily fluids and old train. It didn’t feel like paradise to me." Curious to now what happened next? Find it out here:



NEWS: Zacharias Chalampalakis at the "Le sas" art-science-event

16. Jan 2019 / by Christina Bürger

Le sas is a science-art-society group ready for research, design, making and diffusion of artistic and scientific artworks. It's a connecting zone (a 'sas', in french) between science and art, between research and society, between imagination and its realization.

"Primary Intimacy of being" a scientific artwork: Mirrors augmented with X rays, nuclear imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging with sensors, gender recognition, computers and 75" screens

On the 20th Zacharias participated in one event of the "Le Sas" group and presented a mirror within the scientific artwork. "Primary Intimacy of being" to high-school students and talked about the different imaging modalities, about their impressions of the mirror and discussed their questions with them.



NEWS: Highlights of EANM 2018

08. Jan 2019 / by Christina Bürger

The 2018 Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) was an opportunity to update the latest advances in nuclear medicine, to inspire ideas, debate over the future and to promote collaborations. An account from the PhD candidates in the HYBRID consortium.

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