16.01.2019 11:23
by Christina Bürger

Zacharias at "Le sas" art science event Primary Intimacy of being

For a few months now zacharias had followed some of the activities of the SAS organisation (science-art-society), of the University of Paris-Sud , led by Dr Maître Xavier.

Le sas is a science-art-society group ready for research, design, making and diffusion of artistic and scientific artworks. It's a connecting zone (a 'sas', in french) between science and art, between research and society, between imagination and its realization.

Le sas is a place for research and share between artists and scientists open to everyone. Through the diffusion of its actions outside the university, Le sas is also an art and science nomade structure that goes to meet people in the society.

Art-science is the result of the collaboration between scientists and artists, as creators and reserachers motivated by an overflowing curiosity. The artwork can become the medium for the presentation of scientific results, making their sharing different and enabling scientific mediation. As well, the artwork can play the role of a scientific tool, in the perspective of a study in behavioural sciences or in human-machine interaction, with the use of an interactive artwork that forms, with the observer, a complex system.

On december 20th and led by Dr.Maître Xavier our fellow Zacharias had the great opportunity to participate in the setup and presentation of one “Primary Intimacy of being” mirror (http://e-sas.org/?lng=en&page=21).

The installation includes a screen, coupled with a computer and a sophisticated tracking system to visualise a 3D scan that moves and behaves as the person in front of the mirror.

The scan can be either an MRI, a CT or a PET and it changes randomly with each person. It provides an excellent opportunity to introduce some of the modalities to students and attract their curiosityIt can also be used further to study how connected the people feel with the mirror and how much they believe that the image represents themselves, or if they think it’s just computer graphics.

Zacharias presented the mirror to high-school students and talked about the different imaging modalities with them, talked about their impressions and discussed on their questions. Zacharias also used this environment to talk about his PhD project within the HYBRID project.


If you want to find out more about "Le sas" and their art-science concept or visit one of the installations check out the website: http://e-sas.org/



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