IFMP will participate in the dissemination of HYBRID principles and research results by organising together with HYBRID dedicated workshops in south east Europe where ESR will have to lecture.

Yves Lemoigne, PhD

Yves obtained his "Doctorate of State" in nuclear physics (equivalent to the PhD plus habilitation to research direction) from Paris-XI-Orsay University in 1987. After several HEP experiments at CERN-Geneva (WA11, NA14, UA1, Delphi, CMS) and various developments of radiation detectors, he founded in 1997 the European School of Medical Physics (ESMP 1998-2015) at the European Scientific Institute of Archamps, near Geneva, in partnership with EFOMP (Prof. Fridtjof Nüsslin).

For 16 years he was director of the ESMP deeply involved in favour of young colleagues and doctoral students up to their thesis. For two decades he has also been an organizer of many workshops in Southeast Europe and on the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. He is now Honorary Member of EFOMP (European Federation of Organizations in Medical Physics).

Since 2014 he is director of the Institute for Medical Physics (IFMP), which continues and amplifies in the same region the dissemination of knowledge and innovative technologies in Medical Physics and Bio-engineering

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