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Vicky Goh, Prof

Professor Vicky Goh studied medicine at the University of Cambridge. After completing her postgraduate training in general medicine in London she undertook her subspecialist training in clinical radiology in London. She completed a fellowship in cross-sectional imaging at the University Health Network Hospitals in Toronto, Canada prior to joining Mount Vernon Cancer Centre as a Consultant Radiologist in 2002. During this time she completed her MD(Res) in functional imaging.

In 2011 she was appointed to her current position as Professor of Cancer Imaging within the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences at King’s College London. Her imaging research interests relate to how tumour heterogeneity and microenvironment influence patient outcome and spans preclinical to clinical studies and multicentre trials.

She is the current Head of Department, co-leads PET/MRI (cancer) with Professor Gary Cook; chairs the Royal College of Radiologists Academic Committee; and is past president of the European Society of Oncologic Imaging.

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