We strive to enhance the efficacy of internal radiation therapy by deeper analysis and utilization of the complete range of the information at hand

Sharok Kimiaei, PhD

Sharok Kimiaei achieved his Ph.D. in medical physics 1997 from Stockholm University and Karolina Institute in Stockholm in Quantitative SPECT. 

He continued his post-doc with focus in image co-registration and deformable organ models in collaboration with a number of industrial partners. In 1999, Sharok commenced his career as IT-consultant within e-health working within IT-system design and architecture, IT-sec and distributed systems building the first national electronic prescription system. Between 2002-2004, Sharok was working as principal medical physicist at KFSH, Riyadh. 

Since 2004 Sharok has been working privately, as product manager for a global med tech. company and later as entrepreneur and free-lancing consultant with a number of start-ups with e-health and med-tech companies. Sharoks focus has been to combine IT and med-tech to form new innovative products. He joined ABX-CRO 2014 for further development of a dosimetry methodology and new comprehensive software tool. He is now focused in implementing ML within the field of dosimetry.

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