HYBRID: a new perspective on multimodal imaging

Jonathan Disselhorst, Dr.

Dr. Disselhorst is leader of the data analysis group at the Werner Siemens Imaging Center. He studied technical medicine at the University of Twente (NL), and obtained his PhD at the same university in collaboration with the Radboud University Nijmegen (NL). Since 2013, he is with the WSIC, expanding the lab efforts in the fields of image and data analysis.

His research interests are focused on using multi-modality imaging techniques (PET, MRI and CT) to characterize solid tumors. These different modalities provide complementary information. Combining the techniques can provide new insights about the tumor micro-environment. Many tumors are very inhomogeneous in cellular phenotype. Biological characteristics such as cell density, perfusion and proliferation vary greatly within lesions. The high spatial variation can have implications for response to therapy, as some regions will and others will not respond. With a combination of imaging techniques and histology this heterogeneity can be assessed, and therapy can be tailored on an individual basis.

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