University of Tübingen (EKUT)

The University of Tübingen and its Faculty of Medicine is a world-leading institution in medical research and belongs to the top-ten German Universities. The Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy with its Werner Siemens Imaging Center funded by the Swiss Werner Siemens foundation is an international leading research site with >60 group members and >500 m² lab space for non-invasive imaging in small rodents, the development of novel imaging technologies, and research on innovative PET tracers. It is part of several research projects and consortia dealing with non-invasive imaging and radiotracer development, also due to its excellent infrastructure including several imaging devices (PET, MRI, CT, SPECT, OI) and the in-house radiopharmacy unit equipped with a cyclotron for the production of radioactive isotopes and synthesization of radiotracers. Our department’s most important contribution to imaging was the pioneering of combined PET/MRI for rodents but also in the clinical realm which is documented by several high-level publications. Close collaborations with the departments of radiology and nuclear medicine enable rapid clinical translation of research findings.

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