Science and Medical Technology group @ Mirada Medical Ltd (MIRADA)

Mirada’s history can be traced back to 1998 when Oxford University spun out companies with technologies in image registration, tracking and mammography. Mirada went on to establish itself as a world class technology provider in the area of multi-modality medical imaging. Mirada was ultimately acquired by PET scanner manufacturer, CTI, which in turn was acquired by Siemens. In late 2008, Mirada became a fully independent company again, still developing world class medical imaging software. The company has been growing rapidly through-out the economic downturn, and is continuing its expansion.

Located at the centre of the beautiful city of Oxford, UK, Mirada enjoys excellent access to the University and participates in collaborative research projects across numerous University departments. Mirada also has strong links to other leading research and clinical facilities world-wide.

The Science and Medical Technology group is at the heart of new developments within the company. Our research interests include machine learning, registration, analysis of multi-modality imaging and advanced quantification of images.

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