Institut Curie (IC)

Institut Curie was born out of the determination of one woman, Marie Curie, and one important cause: the fight against cancer. A leading player in the fight against cancer, Institut Curie brings together an internationally-renowned research center and an advanced hospital group that provides care for all types of cancer. Founded in 1909 by Marie Curie, Institut Curie comprises three sites (Paris, Saint-Cloud and Orsay), where more than 3,500 members of staff are dedicated to achieving three objectives: hospital care, scientific research, and the sharing of knowledge and the preservation of legacy. As a private foundation that is recognized as serving the public interest, Institut Curie is supported by donations and grants. Institut Curie research center includes 13 research units hosting 86 research teams, involving 1220 persons dedicated to research from 71 nationalities. The research center covers 4 main fields: 1) the biology and chemistry of radiations, cell signalling and cancer, 2) development, cancer, genetics and epigenetics, 3) integrative tumor biology, immunology, and environment, 4) multiscale physics, biology, chemistry, and cancer, and a department of translational research also acts as a catalizer to accelerate the process that leads from scientific innovation to better care for patients.

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