hr diamonds Personal, Management & Organisationsentwicklung GmbH

Organisations to live for” – founded in 2008, hrdiamonds is located in the heart of Vienna as a consulting agency with focus on personnel development, management and organisational development. With a committed and creative staff counting 16 employees and selected network partners, we accompany and support people and organisations to fulfil their corporate mission. We do so by addressing their individual corporate needs and their most important asset: their own leaders, managers and employees. Our team acts with excellent expert knowledge and our utmost concern is to develop a winning transformational process in co-creation with our customers, in order to be invincible within a VUCA-world.

hrdiamonds will accompany the research project “HYBRID” as a long-term project in the fields of Health Care. This project will be conducted over the next four years addressing 15 different topics. The focus is the creation of a strong team spirit in the beginning of the project “HYBRID”. The target group is diverse in terms of different nationalities and hierarchies. To ensure successful collaboration within the project group team building measures will be realized.

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