06.11.2019 09:02
by Annemarie Post

Imaging as an Olympic discipline

Like a true Olympic athlete participating in multiple disciplines, Alejandra gave not one, but two oral presentations at the annual meeting of the European Association for Nuclear Medicine (EANM, October 12 – 16, Barcelona). One of those presentations, entitled “Quality Control of PET/MRI systems: Consensus Recommendations from a European Network of Hybrid Imaging Sites” was subsequently selected as one of the best communications of the conference.

For the closing ceremony, the lecturers wanted to present the conference’s highlight with a reference to the Olympic Games. Instead of revealing her favorite discipline, Alejandra managed to present the different sub-fields included in imaging research as an Olympic Sport. Where athletes combine running, jumping, and throwing; imaging research involves not only imaging itself but quality control, modelling, quantification, simulations and more.

Next to Alejandra, many more of our ESRs participated in the EANM conference. Of note, Alberto Villagrán, Esteban Solari,  Mahmood Nazari and Sahar Ahangari also presented their work to peers in the field of Nuclear Medicine. HYBRID also held a side-meeting in which ESRs pitched their work to industries partners, but more about that next time!

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