10.10.2018 12:10
by Christina Bürger

In September Laura participated to an outreach activity organized by Native Scientist, an award-winning non-profit organisation founded in London in 2013. Native Scientist is a network of international scientists created to tackle educational disadvantage through science outreach. The three main aims of this organization are:

  • to inspire ethnic minority pupils to pursue higher education and consider STEM careers
  • to empower international scientists to increase the impact of their research
  • to build a community of advocates for diversity and equality in education and the workforce.

Laura attended an outreach event that took place at the Italian Cultural Institute in London. Many scientists working in different fields prepared interactive activities to present their work to children. In particular she talked about medical imaging, showed images of PET and MR scanners and explained how they work. To conclude the activity Laura showed some MR images of animals and fruits and children had to guess what they represented.

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