25.06.2018 23:27
by Lalith

GATE training on Monte Carlo simulation in medical physics

The OpenGATE collaboration and France Life Imaging organize a GATE training on Monte Carlo stimulation in medical physics. The session will last 3 full days, October 1-3 2018, and take place in Saclay, near Paris, France.

At the end, the trainee will know how to:

  • Handle GATE user interface and visualization
  • Understand GATE simulation architecture and general concepts
  • Build a complete simulation set-up for modelling medical imaging acquisitions (including CT, SPECT, PET, optical imaging detectors) or dosimetry and radiation therapy experiments
  • Know to use phase-space actor and variance reduction techniques
  • Manage anthropomorphic voxelized phantoms and sources to simulate realistic acquisitions
  • Perform dose distribution and/or PET output data analysis using both ROOT software and Python language
  • Perform C++ code development to add a new actor into GATE

Most of the training session time will be reserved for hands-on exercises on Scientific Linux workstations. Requirement attendees must have a good understanding of medical physics, and should have experiences in Linux and basic programming. Detailed lectures will support the different concepts covered during this training and be provided by ourselves, both GATE experts and members of the OpenGATE collaboration.

All practical details regarding registration fees and registration form will be communicated later. For any additional information, you can contact Albertine Dubois (albertine.dubois@cea.fr) in the meantime.

Please, let us know if you are or if you know colleagues likely to be interested in this training.


All our best,


Sebastien JAN, David Sarrut and Albertine Dubois

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